PAVON By Luz & Victoria.

SLF: Could you introduce yourselves briefly to those who don’t know you?
P: We are the PAVON sisters.

SLF:  If you were to describe PAVON by luz & victoria in three words?
P: Colorful, fun and sophisticated.

SLF: What have you been up to lately?
P: Collaborate in the sequel for Sex & The City.

SLF: On your website we can see that you’ve appeared in several magazine as glamour and nylon, and one of your dresses in the next Sex and the City, the consecration?
P: Be everywhere!

SLF: In times of economic crisis it works for you, young designers in general ?
P: Of course, always there’s a chance for everyone.

SLF: A new favorite designer ?
P: We love Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

SLF: One celebrity you’d like to dress?
P: Madonna.

SLF: A celebrity has already bought one of your creations?
P: M.I.A., Mischa Barton, Amy Winehouse…

SLF: What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever heard or given?
P: Follow your dreams and never give up.

SLF: And the worst?
P: We don’t know.

SLF: What’s your best advice on overcoming winter?
P: Keep warm with style.

SLF: What are your favourite bands?
P: Madonna and we love to collect vinyls.

SLF: And your favorite songs to dance to?
P: We have a lot…

SLF: Finally, and for those we have not yet convinced, why buy your dresses to another?
P: Because PAVON is unique, original and we love to give color in every piece we create.

Thanks girls we love you and your creations !

Luz & Victoria
PAVON by luz & victoria

+1 347.595.3817

PAVON by Luz & Victoria  in Sex And The City II

Salut Les Filles loves this outfit ! so 80’s

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