thoughts of the week

*Unmade Beds might well be the next film we want to watch. Especially since its soundtrack features Kimya Dawson, Tindersticks, Jeffrey Lewis, Good Shoes and more.

* Whiskey definitely tastes best when mixed with milk, sugar and cinnamon.

*Thinking about what to do for NYE is nothing but a drag.

* The new Charlotte Gainsbourg album is amazing. Oh, and the video for Heaven Can Wait is the most random yet cool thing we’ve ever seen.

* Heard during a hip hop gig: “All we want to do is put a smile on your motherfucking faces, ’cause you make the world go round, we make the world go round, you know what i’m saying? Now who wants to drink some tequila?

* French is sexy. It is.

* Modelling and fashion shows are fun, especially after a wild night out.

* The wildest parties always seem to happen on boats, don’t you think?

* We’d almost never drank so much wine before but my gosh was it a good night!

* “-Oh my gosh is that a tattoo? -Well it does look like one, doesn’t it?”

* “-So what do you think about the soundtrack? -Well, I think we should change it altogether. -That’s not funny.”


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